Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday Night Twitter & "Halloween" Fever!

And another Halloween cometh. For the third year, the "Home For Halloween" campaign will help spread the word about Halloween activities in communities around the Bay Area. This year, October 31 is on a Saturday, so we know it will be a busy, festive night. And, like the last two years, there will be NO OFFICIAL PARTY in San Francisco's Castro District.

However, Castro District clubs and restaurants will be open, and doing a booming business. But, there will be NO STAGE and NO STREET CLOSURES.

Like last year, we're looking to have a safe-and-sane "All Hallow's Eve" in the Castro, and all over the Bay Area. Over the next three months, we'll be updating this site with info on area events, public safety and public transit. And, we want your input! So, please use the event form on the homepage at www.homeforhalloween.com or email us at homeforhalloween@gmail.com

Updates: Supervisor Bevan Dufty joined with members of the Home for Halloween Campaign and Mayor Newsom's office last week to go over plans for this year; and, a few weeks go, Bevan met with members of the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association (www.evpa.org)at the Eureka Valley Rec Center to update the Castro community on this year's plans and public safety efforts. Everyone there seemed pleased with our work over the last two years, and supportive of plans to keep Castro safe, busy, bustling and LGBT-and-friends-friendly on Saturday, October 31.

So, like last year -- enjoy Halloween in your own home community, including the Castro! But, if you've got mischief in mind, we definitely want you to "stay home for Halloween." Our public safety, parole, and SFPD partners will be out in force throughout the Castro that night to make sure everyone stays in a festive, friendly and respectful spirit.

To help everyone keep up to date on events in-and-around San Francisco, follow us on Twitter at Home4Halloween.

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  1. When was that community meeting? Did you announce it here?
    How will NOT closing the streets help public safety?

    Do you think people should go to this instead?


  2. In addition to the bars and shops in the Castro, there will also be performances of an original opera by a living, local queer composer -- one show on Halloween and others on 4 previous evenings.

    The Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and this opera kicks off the season. Check it out!