Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bay Bridge or Not - It's Halloween!

..It's Halloween: late night / early in the morning of a long day. Drove around seeing what "All Hallow's Eve Eve" was like. Streets were scattered with people in costume: my last meeting of the day was with someone who could be called in "business drag." :-) Was fun!

My taxi tonight said, "it's slow for a Friday before Halloween" and blamed the bridge as we drove up Market. Tooling through Castro a few minutes later the streets were busy and packed with costumed customers (including one naked "devil" outside Walgreens. I love this town.

Below: a link to the story following yesterday's press conference at the SFPD:

Frankly, things seem....normal: happy revelers; busy bars, bustling restaurants. That's what we all want for Halloween: good business, good behavior.

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