Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is here!

Here at "Brandy Ho's" -- for the second year providing hospitality for the press and members of the "City Family" working to keep the Castro -- and all of SF -- safe, sane and festive on Halloween. Thank you Jack, Cedric and Brandy Ho! Thank you Jimmy Lam!

Just walked around the Castro. Scenes from a Saturday night:
The world's oldest drag queen (or close), elegand and coy, holds up the bar at the "Twin Peaks" -- anticipating an evening of deserved cocktails for which her purse will nary open. Across the street, three revelers revel in their nakedness: their costume bravado, hats and sneaks. A tourist from Australia takes a picture while steps way Orthodox priests perfume the air with incense and vegetarian literature. Mr. Sulu (or his double) shares space with a bodybuilding biker laughs at 18th & Castro.

5:45am -- Halloween is here. So far, so good.
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