Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Halloween Week!

One week to go and all over the City is preparing: costumes are being bought; parties are being planned. And, behind the scenes, the City Family is preparing for a busy Saturday, October 31.

Now in year three, the "Home For Halloween" campaign has helped in keeping Castro (and the rest of the City) safe and sane on All Hallow's. We're all pleased at how many clubs, bars and other venues are planning events that night. Well done! It's EVERYONE's holiday -- including the Castro's but not ONLY the Castro's.

So, remember: have fun and party on Halloween, but DO NOT expect a street party in Castro. Those of us who live and work here want to enjoy the night too, but not have to battle unruly crowds to do so!

This week: flyers are hitting schools and campuses around the Bay reminding people that there is no party in the Castro. Ditto for banners on BART & Muni (remember: last train back to the East Bay leaves at midnight).

Have fun this Saturday, and check out the latest events taking place around the Bay at

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